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In the West of France Vendée - 30mn from the beaches

Balade enchantée Boarding for an enchanting travel from all your senses in a beautiful nature, a trip between fiction and reality, walking through History and the stories, the Water the trees the Languages, on the traces of humans activities and imaginary...

« Le Chaos de Piquet »

Somethimes your hear the landscap much beter than you can see them...
A naturel site with artistiek caracter !

Along the river many ruins of mills... a little water fairy fell in love with a miller...
A little bit further a daughter of a weaver is obliged to spin netles...
Between the rocks a giant Gargantua is gonna play a game with the devil..

chaos de piquet 2km – 2h30
Departure : "Gîte d'étape de l'Aubonnière" - Chaillé sous les Ormeaux


« The bear from Troussepoil »


A river is called the Troussepoil !
A scary beast eat the beauty of young people who are going to this famous river : her water keeps eternal youth...
Villagers ask rescue from a strange hermit...
From generations and generations, the water and the legend circulate in this "pays Moutierrois et Talmondais"

« The Fairy Rock »

arbre fée parle

In the wood of "la Baffardière à Champ St Père",
A Pixie spring * A rock from 23 m high The fairy rock * A Pixie oven

A burlesque guid give very strange keys to find his own way on to those magic beeings, "Look and ear very good the trees..."